• Ice bubble
  • Ice Fishscale
  • Ice Honeycomb
  • Ice Lantern
  • Mink Bubble
  • Mink Fishscale
  • Mink Honeycomb
  • Mink Lantern
  • Platinum Bubble
  • Platinum Fishscale
  • Platinum Honeycomb
  • Platinum Lantern
  • Snow Bubble
  • Snow Fishscale
  • Snow Honeycomb
  • Snow Lantern
  • Zinc Bubble
  • Zinc Fishscale
  • Zinc Honeycomb
  • Zinc Lantern

Our Moroccan glazed ceramic mosaic tile range is the embodiment of versatility. Whether you seek lantern, bubble, honeycomb or fish scale designs, this incredibly unique tile will impress with its unique finish. A choice of multiple colours rounds off the impressively varied features of this range.

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