We have come up with a list of or Frequently asked questions to help you with any queries

If you can vision your residence but can’t find what you’re looking for or creating a durable commercial setting, unearth tiles that surpass trends, transforming each project into a dream project. Embrace elegance and define your look with our range of classics or modern styles.

What are the shipping options? 

We have a truck & fork delivery service

We use Transdirect for interstate freight

Local supply usually takes 7 days, though international supply can take upto 4 months

What is the return policy?

Speak with our customer service team before you order

How is the product made?

Wall Boulevard has access to tiles all over the world

We can assist you on your estimation, though we do insist also checking quantities with your installer

Feel free to call us on 03 8683 6514

We have an alphabetical list of local tiling teams to choose from

Come into our showroom & confirm your selection 

What is the best way to pay for the order?

We accept most debit & credit cards

Orders can be confirmed by email or receipt in store

Wall Boulevard is happy to change any order on stocked items