ARDEX WPM 1500 Weldable Waterproofing Membrane is a pre-applied, fleece-lined, weldable waterproofing membrane for below ground tanking and gas barrier applications. ARDEX WPM 1500 is welded at laps and seams to create a strong, continuous waterproofing membrane.

ARDEX WPM 1500 has excellent elongation and flexibility, with the fleece-lined surface allowing a high bond strength to concrete. ARDEX WPM 1500 may be used in various combinations to produce a variety of specifications tailored to suit the individual waterproofing needs.

Technical Data ARDEX WPM 1500

ARDEX WPM 1500 is generally used as a single layer membrane in horizontal or vertical applications for waterproofing in below-ground applications. It is primarily applied to the outside of a sub-structure of a building, such as a foundation or basement, to prevent water ingress or as a gas barrier to prevent the ingress of toxic gases.

ARDEX WPM 1500 can also be used in other applications including under floor slabs, behind masonry walls, the lining of substrates of in-situ or precast concrete, retaining walls, lift shafts, and tunnels.

1.4m wide x 20m long

Membrane thickness:

53kgs per roll