ARDEX Butynol® is a synthetic butyl rubber waterproofing membrane with properties which resist ageing from heat, sunlight, and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability and toughness and remains flexible at low temperatures and is suitable in all climatic zones.

Technical Data Butynol
ARDEX Butynol® is generally used as a single layer waterproofing membrane in both horizontal or vertical applications for waterproofing UV exposed decks, roofs, and gutters.

ARDEX Butynol® can be installed in environments which include under floor slabs, behind masonry walls, the lining of substrates of in situ or precast concrete; retaining walls, lift shafts, tunnels, reservoirs, and planter boxes.

Colour & Packaging Size:
Black (1.0mm) – 1.4m (wide) x 17.86 (long)
Black (1.5mm) – 1.4m (wide) x 17.86 (long)
Grey (1.5mm) – 1.4m (wide) x 17.86 (long)