IQ Power Tools 228 Cyclone 180mm Dry Table Saw

Introducing the iQ228CYCLONE™, the world’s first 180MM dry cut tabletop tile saw with integrated dust control and new TRU-CUT™ System. Designed for professional contractors to eliminate the problems with cutting wet, save time, and increase your profitability on tile jobs. The TRU-CUT™ System is an integrated measurement system that provides consistent and accurate cuts for any job. System includes: iQ Micro Fence & pre-measured Rolling Table.

NEXT LEVEL ACCURACY the iQ Micro Fence allows you to dial in the exact measurement for your cut. Lock it into the table and adjust the fence to the precise cut you need.

PORTABILITY this saw is designed for ultimate efficiency. Lightweight and easy to transport, it allows you to set up in small spaces easily and in a few minutes.

CONSTRUCTION-GRADE TOUGHNESS the iQ228CYCLONE is built for the demands of everyday construction and a heavy workload, yet it’s easy to maintain and will last for years.

WINNING INNOVATION ProTool Review’s award winner for 2020’s most innovative tile saw. iQ is changing the game in the construction industry one tool at a time.