Titanium Extra Rapid Cartridge Glue 250 ML Transparent

Transparent Titanium Extra Rapid Glue is produced using the latest Vinyl Ester technology. This adhesive is excellent on marbles, granite, engineered stone, quartz and ceramics.

In addition to optimal adhesion, Tenax Titanium is very fast so you can handle the final product in a short time and at low temperatures. The hardened product is flat, shiny and very polishable.

Titanium Transparent is packaged in a special bi-componenet cartridge (10:1). The glue and hardener are pre-dosed in the cartridge and once inserted in a proper gun with the special static mixer, allows the correct extrusion and mixing of the product which is then ready to be used.

Extra Rapid Titanium Transparent Cartridge Glue is available in a wide variety of colors.

Titanium Transparent Cartridge Glue is used to glue and repair the following materials:

Engineered Stone
Companion Products
This Transparent Titanium cartridge system requires the M200XMR Cartridge Gun for use.

Shelf Life
Keep the containers closed after use. Keep away from heat, humidity and sun light. This product will last at least 12 months under normal conditions. Long-term storage at temperatures above 68°F will shorten the shelf life of the adhesives, especially the activity of the catalyst. Storage at temperatures above 95°F could shorten the shelf life to less than one month.

Safety Rules
Please read the Transparent SDS before use and follow the product instructions.

Additional Information
250 ML Transparent Titanium Cartridge Feature List
Use On Natural & Engineered Stone
Rapid Curing
Cures Shiny
Very Polishable
Wide Range of Colors
Easy to Use
Accurate Self-mixing
Latest Vinyl Ester Technology